5 thematic tracks, embracing outcome-based innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer behavior, it’s no longer just about purchases, but finding tailored solutions. The key to business success? Outcome-based innovation! Embark on thematic tracks for exclusive insights on groundbreaking developments, customer-centric approaches, and cutting-edge technologies. Dive into specialized e-learning courses to equip your organization to master outcome-based solutions and shape the future of your business.

Fueling the future of robotics & AI

Rethinking the use case for value creation

Riding the product-as-a-service wave

Sustainability driving innovation

Cultivating entrepreneurial champions

Looking back

enthusiastic attendees

I loved the track on ‘entrepreneurial mindsets’, the content was really well thought out and I loved the group work. Overall very insightful, I’m very impressed by the mindset, can-do attitude and expertise of the Verhaert team.

Outstanding… as usual!!!

companies inspired

A great mix of learning and connecting!

Another great day with lots of inspiration, networking and interesting insights to take home.

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