5 thematic tracks, embracing outcome-based innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer behavior, it’s no longer just about purchases, but finding tailored solutions. The key to business success? Outcome-based innovation! Embark on thematic tracks for exclusive insights on groundbreaking developments, customer-centric approaches, and cutting-edge technologies. Dive into specialized e-learning courses to equip your organization to master outcome-based solutions and shape the future of your business.


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Fueling the future of robotics & AI

Rethinking the use case for value creation

Riding the product-as-a-service wave

Sustainability driving innovation

Cultivating entrepreneurial champions


Early validation as key for outcome-based innovation

Outcome-based innovation sets out the next shift toward products aligned with new business models and services. They introduce additional unknowns and hence make the importance of progressive and effective learning even more relevant. Managing outcome-based innovation requires a multidisciplinary approach, where learning becomes the compass to verify and validate unknowns, ensuring you conquer legacy pathways successfully. Progress only leads to growth when products and services have a higher adoption rate. Our interactive demos? They’ll reveal the secrets to mastering the art of effective learning.

By Koen Verhaert, CEO at Verhaert Masters in Innovation


Fueling the future of robotics & AI

Robotics used to stumble on the complexity of the desired outcome. Get inspired by our recent robotics applications and find out what robotic technology can mean to your business. Thanks to advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI, robots do more than navigate and interact. They understand their surroundings and can become truly outcome-based. Discover the groundbreaking possibilities through 2 top-notch applications.

1. Beyond VSLAM and edge-cloud AI solutions

VSLAM has been a go-to solution for localization and mapping for a while. From indoor navigation to hazardous operations and precise inspection. Nevertheless, the latest advances in AI are making it more powerful than ever and finally ready to build successful outcome-based robotic solutions. Curious how we’ve taken VSLAM beyond traditional obstacle detection and avoidance? Check out our demo on autonomous navigation, object detection, hybrid edge-cloud solutions, and more!

Niels Verleysen, Consultant AILab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
Guy Clarysse, Coordinator AILab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation

2. Precise and reliable robotics in minimally-invasive surgery

Minimal-invasive surgery revolutionized the medical field, yet there’s still room to improve in terms of radiation, visibility, and precision. In the REISS demonstrator, we show what’s possible thanks to autonomous robotic systems. Explore this cutting-edge technology demonstrator for high-precision surgery eliminating intra-operative X-rays, as well as compensating for patient breathing and surgical movements. A huge step toward reliable and fully autonomous navigation robots in various applications!

Floris Vernieuwe, Consultant PhysicsLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
Michiel Twisk, Program Coordinator Life Sciences at Verhaert Masters in Innovation


Rethinking the use case for value creation

Redefining your use case is the ultimate tool in beating your competitors. Get inspired by how we accomplished this for our customers and discover how including stakeholders can help you create new value and business opportunities in your application field. Whether it’s through market expansion, portfolio diversification or user needs alignment.

1. Fostering cravings for bike experiences that last

Stationary bicycles, to train from home, have been around for quite some time. Doing the same training every time quickly becomes boring. How can we improve outcomes, motivate users, and create more lifelike experiences? Which technologies are driving experiences and unique value propositions? Learn how the UK-based MUOV teamed up with Verhaert to transform indoor cycling by giving users the most experience-driven home bike for endless training combinations.

Adrian Waka, Consultant EmbeddedLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
Lieven Claeys, Director Innovation Acceleration ‘Product Innovation’ at Verhaert Masters in Innovation

2. Enhancing patient interactions and trials with digital connections

In healthcare, regular check-ups are crucial to optimize treatment outcomes. Regular follow-ups, however, take up a lot of time for both patient and physician and don’t always give accurate real-time data. To help patients, Cochlear teamed up with Verhaert to develop a mobile application for remote hearing tests and questionnaires. This app is used for clinical studies, quality control, and study data. A great example of how digital innovation and rethinking the use case can also bring the outcome of your application to the next level.

Tom Bertens, Director Research ‘Algorithms & Applications’ at Cochlear
Laurent Schauvliege, Director Innovation Acceleration at Verhaert Digital Innovation


Riding the product-as-a-service wave

In a world where new products and companies pop up every day, how can you strengthen customer retention? With products-as-a-service (PaaS), you deliver an outcome-driven solution instead of just a physical product. Explore how PaaS can give you more predictable revenue streams, a customer-centric approach, and long-term security to your business.

1. Creating added value through highly secure IoT devices

Control everything, simple and safe. Isn’t that what we all expect from IoT? Playing the ‘convenience’ card enables you to attract more customers. How will you really fulfill their expectations and create their longer-term loyalty? Developing the software and hardware to combine all IoT-enabled home devices in one requires a shift in development approach. Let us demonstrate how Ordo established a product-as-a-service subscription model enabling ongoing upgrades, personalization and 24/7 support to increase their business.

Bart De Vos, Consultant EmbeddedLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
Dirck Seynaeve, Program Coordinator Industry at Verhaert Masters in Innovation

2. Turning beer drafting experiences into an IoT thrill

How can you convince beer lovers to buy an at-home beer-pouring appliance? You promise them a fast and customizable experience, the perfect outcome every time! Discover how new IoT-enabled features like real-time volume and expiration updates, personalized temperature settings, and a waste-reducing profit system make the PerfectDraft such an innovation thrill. Get a taste of how IoT can boost the experience of your product!

Gerard de Wit, Consultant MechLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
Ben Van Dyck, Program Coordinator FMCG at Verhaert Masters in Innovation


Sustainability driving innovation

The call for environmental responsibility is growing louder every day. Other than boosting your reputation, sustainable innovation can also secure long-term success because it lowers operational costs, reduces dependency on scarce resources, and boosts innovation. Discover how you can create end-to-end holistic solutions for a better world.

1. Everybody circular, pioneering a direct deposit reward system in Belgium

The journey to sustainable innovation thrives when user collaboration peaks. To have a truly positive impact on the environment, you need to ensure a high adoption rate and fast uptake. Explore the Litterbits project, the digital deposit system for plastic bottles and cans, and how we carefully researched the current system, and defined the right triggers and motivations to embrace new sustainable habits.

Eline Bracke, Consultant InnoLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
David Pas, Coordinator InnoLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation

2. Connecting circular business models with sustainable product design

In the pursuit of sustainable transformations, companies often notice a mismatch between their business model and product offerings. Whether it’s a misalignment between the business model and sustainable product or vice versa, the tools to map this misfit and forge innovative solutions are limited. Enroll in this workshop to discover the art of bridging this gap for higher profits and to encourage changing deep-rooted habits for faster uptake.

Lynn Michaux, Consultant DesignLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
Gerd Van Cauteren, Coordinator DesignLab at Verhaert Masters in Innovation


Cultivating entrepreneurial champions

How can you empower your employees’ ideation and validation process with generative AI? Which product and project management tools help you streamline your innovation engine?
This track provides an exclusive glimpse of the most popular courses of Verhaert Innovation Academy! Participants get a free 2-week demo pass to our course on ‘De-risking innovation’.

1. Harnessing the power of generative AI in innovation

The current innovation landscape is yearning for a productivity boost. Enter generative AI! Imagine harnessing the power of GenAI to supercharge your work, unlock data, gain insights, leverage user feedback, and stay ahead of trends. Excited? Join us in this session to discuss our favorite plug-ins and tools to ideate, design, and validate.

Jasper van Sas, Manager Innovation Acceleration at Verhaert Innovation Academy
Stijn Smet, Managing Director at Verhaert Innovation Academy

2. The right toolset, skillset and mindset for innovation excellence

How can you create and grow a culture of innovation? Discover our comprehensive methodologies that PMs love to use throughout their projects. We’ll discuss tools to identify innovation priorities, manage risks, structure the creative design process, and share best practices and insights among peers.

Jasper van Sas, Manager Innovation Acceleration at Verhaert Innovation Academy
Stijn Smet, Managing Director at Verhaert Innovation Academy

The Innovation Day is organized by Verhaert Masters in Innovation, a pioneering innovation company.